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Bridging the gap between talent and opportunity is what we do. We help organizations discover the power of strategic recruitment. Purposeful staffing helps identify the right candidate for the right role and drives business excellence. AI-driven application tracking system and strategy-based manual headhunting process are two diverse methodologies that we combinedly follow to reach our set targets.

Finding us everywhere?

We don't restrict ourselves to specific geographies. We strive to cater to the requirements of clients reaching us from any corner of the world. Our solutions are widely spread across countries and help us meet the recruitment and staffing needs of organizations from various industries. We are available across the USA, Canada, and India and are still spreading our wings to assist you in finding top-quality, talented professionals.


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Bluebix is a progressive recruitment & staffing solutions company that believes in providing exceptional service to both - organizations & professionals. We provide essential building blocks to companies in the form of top-quality professionals who help them reach the skies. Delve deeper and evaluate our global staffing services today!


The Idea Generated!

Sanjay and Suresh are the two master masterminds behind the conceptualization of the company Bluebix. It all started in Edison, New Jersey, US, in June 2015. What began as a small company progressed slowly and steadily and grew leaps and bounds into the present empire due to their hard work and exceptional planning.

The dynamic duo formally established Bluebix in the year 2015 in August. From then, there is simply no looking back.

Since its inception, the company served more than 100+ clients and provided placements for more than 10,000+ applicants in some of the competitive Fortune 500 and other prominent companies.

Essence of Bluebix


We are committed to redefining industry standards and delivering excellence in the services we provide across geographical, functional, and business boundaries. Our unwavering vision is to become preferred talent acquisition company for our esteemed clients, offering unparalleled, best-in-class, global services that empower them to achieve their business goals.


Our mission is to provide our clients with a world-class talent pool that exceeds expectations. The talented professionals act as propellers giving enough thrust to the businesses to achieve their goals. We take pride in our reputation for being reliable, efficient, and responsive to clients’ unique needs. We deliver customized solutions to drive mutual growth & excellence.

Core Values

The base for Bluebix's core values is built on cutting-edge and disruptive artificial intelligence technology that gives our staffing strategy its distinctiveness. We take great pride in the fact that we developed our technologies and fine-tuned our approach around these three fundamental principles

TAR: Transparency, Authenticity, Responsiveness

Every facet of our business and our dedication to excellence are redefined by TAR.


Transparency, one of the core pillars of Bluebix, exists in our DNA. Bluebix is known for its transparency in all aspects of business. We always encourage open discussions with candidates, clients, and other stakeholders. It facilitates in delivering clear information to the stakeholders and enables them to take well-informed decisions.


Bluebix excels in being authentic. Clients and candidates trust us alike for the honest relationship we maintain with them. We probe and understand the unique needs, aspirations, and challenges of customers and strive to provide customized solutions for mutual success.


Agility and responsiveness are the values that played a vital role in Bluebix’s growth story. These values made us adaptable to changing requirements, market trends, and emerging opportunities.

Our TAR-powered approach helped us develop a strong global network of highly intelligent and driven workforce. These candidates are well equipped to handle critical projects and meet deadlines with efficiency.

Our Big Breakthrough Story!

As we were still novices in the field of recruitment and staffing and learning the ropes of the industry, we were able to crack a deal with Microsoft, our premier client, in 2015, and from then, there was no looking back.

Initially, we catered only for IT positions on a contract basis. Our dedicated and excellent customer service, quality of candidates placed, contract association & collaboration led us to become their permanent staffing solution partners. Our association with Microsoft has been going strong since then. We put in the same effort and spirit in providing the required staffing solutions for them even today.

We are growing steadily as their premier solution partners, providing 10 to 15 positions in the past to over 100 in the present. Further, the number of contract-to-hire placements also increased tremendously from a couple of them in the past to a considerable number in the present owing to our dedicated and outstanding recruitment team.


People We Look Up to!


Founder and CEO

Sanjay Kumar is a visionary Founder and CEO of Bluebix Solutions Inc., a Global staffing provider with widespread experience in building platforms with high-velocity project teams.

He is a technology & entrepreneurial enthusiast who likes to provide technology solutions for core business problems. Pursuing his master’s at the Tier 1 University of Central Missouri, Sanjay specialized in Management Information Systems.

After working with behemoths like General Electric and ADP, he embarked on a successful and enriching journey of becoming an entrepreneur, primarily within the IT domain consulting and solutions, leveraging the talent in the two magnificent countries of the USA and India.

His zeal for innovation and helping companies grow allowed him to lead a team of hard-working, resilient, and fun-to-work rockstars who strive to excel every day.


Director of Business Development

Suresh Mani is the Director of Business Development at Bluebix. He is a man of high-energy and confidence who drives impactful results. He has an impressive track record and a wealth of experience in Business Development, Global Sales, and Client Relationship Management.

As a dynamic leader, he could acquire and manage large customer accounts. He has played a tremendous role in driving profitable business growth, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction.

Suresh's professional journey is marked with significant milestones. He has the credit of closing some eminent deals with prestigious global customers, including GE O&G - Italy, France, USA & Singapore, Cameron - France & Singapore, Schlumberger - USA

With his enthusiasm and positive mindset, Suresh has fostered great relationships with clients and colleagues alike.


Empowering Companies with Exceptional Talent as We Grow!

Bluebix is well-known for connecting businesses with exceptional talent and empowering success. We believe in people's strengths.

Our goal is to become a numero uno recruitment and staffing solutions provider who finds specific industry problem areas, addresses them by providing outstanding solutions, and becomes a strategic partner of various companies requiring our services.

We strive to attract top talent who not only possess the required skillset but also align perfectly with the client company's culture and values. We believe our high-performing teams ensure innovation, productivity, and sustainable growth.

Join us as we embark on our growth journey to experience the difference we bring to your organization.


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