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Aviation and Aerospace

Aviation and Aerospace

Aviation & Aerospace industry is succeeding tremendously due to technological advancements, global connectivity, innovation in space exploration, and more. As the industry is flourishing, there is a dire requirement for talented aviation & aerospace staffing solutions.

Unique Aviation and Aerospace Staffing Solutions

It is usual for many individuals to keep commuting between countries, or it could be a simple travel for pleasure. Reason whatsoever, people have been using the aviation industry predominantly owing to the convenience and for saving time. Similarly, the aerospace industry has also seen exponential growth due to satellite technologies and space exploration increasing manifold.

Recruiting amateurs is risky in this industry as it could lead to grave repercussions; that is why Bluebix always stresses recruiting experienced and best professionals for essaying various roles in the aviation & aerospace industry.

Bluebix has consistently provided top-notch professionals to meet the growing demand and assist the aviation & aerospace industry propelling its business further. As a premier recruitment & staffing solution partner, we understand your business requirements like no other.

Unique Aviation and Aerospace Staffing Solutions
Bluebix Fuels Your Success

Bluebix Fuels Your Success!

Our aviation & aerospace recruitment team makes sure that candidates, who are experienced and trained, join your company to help you achieve soaring success. With almost a decade of experience, our recruitment staff clearly knows your expectations and deadlines, and strives to meet them. We use a unique AI-driven applicant tracking system and the old-school headhunting method to pick the best talent.

Our talented recruitment specialists, being second to none in the field, are also well-versed in aviation rules and regulations of different countries, making the whole recruitment cycle simple.

Further, the top-notch professionals we provide are experienced and trained to take challenges of the industry head-on. They are groomed to become valued team members in your company.

We successfully filled the following positions in the aviation industry with talented professionals.


Pilot (Various Ranks)

  •  Captain
  •  First Officer
  •  Second Officer

Aircraft Engineer/Technician

  •  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)
  •  Avionics Technician
  •  Aircraft Mechanic

Air Traffic Controller

  •  Tower Controller
  •  Approach and Area Controller

Flight Dispatcher/Operations Controller

  •  Flight Operations Officer

Aircraft Dispatcher

  •  Flight Operations Coordinator

Aerospace Engineer

  •  Aeronautical Engineer
  •  Aerospace Systems Engineer

Safety Inspector

  •  Aviation Safety Inspector

Cabin Crew

  •  Flight Attendant
  •  Cabin Manager

Ground Services

  •  Ground Operations Manager
  •  Ramp Agent
  •  Baggage Handler

Aviation Medicine Specialist

  •  Ramp Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)
  •  Aircraft Inspector
  •  Aviation Meteorologist
  •  Flight Instructor
  •  Aviation Analyst
  •  Aviation Manager


Aerospace Engineer

  •  Aerospace Design Engineer
  •  Aerospace Systems Engineer