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Global Delivery Services

At Bluebix we focus on the technical skills, process rigor, tools, methodologies, overall structure and strategies for seamlessly delivering IT-enabled services from global locations. We have a global presence that enables us to respond fast for changing customer requirements. We have access to resources of varying costs that allows us to deliver services to its customers at an optimal cost, typically a mix of costlier 'on-site' resources combined with cheaper 'offshore' resources. We can work round the clock for you, handing off work from one location to another at the end of the 'day shift' thus providing twice or even three times the capacity they would have if they worked in a single location/ time-zone only, thus bringing down cultural differences. We have various service delivery centers from which our Client Service and Enablement Services teams operate to deliver strategic support to customers. Our services span all geographies, practices, services lines, sectors and competencies to deliver deeply-integrated services that result in efficient and world-class solutions.


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Digital Services

We use cloud technology platform to deliver the digital services required to run a connected business. Together, leveraging a proven methodology and intimate knowledge of your operations, we can provide valuable insight to help with your ongoing and future success. We help define the strategy needed to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization. Our comprehensive approach examines the entire customer experience journey and defines the interactions across multiple channels to create digital experiences that will achieve business objectives. We help organizations define their marketing and content strategies - including information architecture, information structure, categorization, terminology, groupings and relationships – and develop and build web experience management solutions that provide positive and personalized user experiences across all channels and enable information to be displayed to the user based on their explicit and implicit preferences and our clients' business objectives and goals. Our scalable digital customer solutions, including data and analytics, experience design and digital marketing services, are powered by cutting-edge technologies.


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Knowledge process Outsourcing

Bluebix is your trusted partner if you are looking for outsourcing of core, information-related business activities that typically require advanced degrees and expertise in a specialized area. We can provide the required specialized knowledge and expertise when you have a shortage of skilled professionals. Ideally, you obtain a highly-skilled workforce at a lower cost. We can help you to reduce the costs of operations or producing your products and services. We help fill the gap or need for skilled employees in a particular field and free up existing staff, including management, to do other work boosting efficiency and productivity. The flexibility that comes with KPO allows you to increase or reduce staff easily. For example, if economic conditions worsen, you can easily reduce its KPO staff to cut costs. Conversely, you can quickly hire specialized staff to boost profits or revenue. We help your company to be nimbler and adapt to the changes in its industry and competitive landscape.


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Network Management

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Infrastructure Services

Digital disruption has come to companies of all types and sizes, in every industry. It comes down to your ability to execute the transformation strategy you have conceived. Whether you are accelerating your move to cloud services, radically improving the user experience, creating transformative new capabilities and economies through service integration, or exploring innovative ways of working and collaborating, the success of your transformation agenda determines your ability to exploit the opportunities of the digital age. Our global reach enables us to deliver IT services around the world and is underpinned by one of the largest global IT infrastructures. We manage infrastructure for customers around the world and provide the assurance that, with our IT operations we can receive the attention to service quality consistency and security they require, where ever they might be located. Our pedigree and global partnerships ensures that we retain leading edge innovative services to support your organization’s unique and complex IT challenges.


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Data Processing

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QA Testing services

Bluebix offers independent quality engineering and a wide range of software testing services and solutions for the next generation enterprises and ISVs across the globe. Our experienced and deep-skilled quality assurance professionals have a hands-on, end-to-end understanding of the challenges faced by enterprises while on the path of digital transformation. We implement the best possible software testing methodologies and applications, a Testing Center of Excellence, and world-class software testing Labs to deliver on our promise of Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance, Digital Assurance, and Software Testing Services. Whether desktop, mobile or next-gen based applications, our software testing specialists work with a focused approach to help you get more out of your testing efforts and improve time to market, and thus, your ROI. Our QA testing services ensure the verification and validation of applications for independent software vendors and enterprise and focus on testing the applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user expectations for functionality. We engage with clients in the different stages of the lifecycle to align the testing objectives against the overall business goals. We introduce early testing in the life cycle to prevent defects and detect defects early to reduce the overall testing costs, rework costs and improve quality.Our testing approach is well structured and leverages proven industry standard testing techniques, tools, pre-built test accelerators, and methodologies.


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