Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

This privacy policy outlines the principles and practices we follow to protect all personal data that is collected from our clients, candidates, and employees, or that is provided to us via the Bluebix website and/or other websites that we utilize.

Please ensure that you read the following information carefully so that you understand Bluebix’s practices regarding the collection and use of your personal data. We manage your personal information in accordance with all applicable laws. All employees are trained and responsible to maintain your privacy in the context of providing services to you.

In order to keep up with changing legislation, this policy may be updated periodically without notice.

1. Collecting Personal Information

Bluebix uses personal information with consent.

If you are a job seeker the information collected from you may include contact information (name, address, telephone number, email address); online identification information (user IDs, passwords, security questions); personal history (resumes, education and employment history, work or job interests, reference and background checks); and other information reasonably linked to finding you a position (preferences, choice of contact methods, etc.). In the event that temporary employment is offered to you, we will request financial information from you that is necessary to satisfy the US/Canada Revenue Agency payroll requirements.

Bluebix also collects information from commercial providers, such as online job boards, and other sources it believes are credible. This information may be used to supplement the information you provide to us.

Bluebix may collect similar information from other sources in accordance with this Statement, such as from a reference you provide or from a corporate customer but will not collect information that is not reasonably required for the purpose of finding you contract, temporary or permanent employment. Collection may include information of a corporate customer and its personnel.

2. How we use your information

The information we collect assists us in understanding your preferences and helps us to provide you with better services or customized responses. As an example, if you are a job seeker, we use your information to:

• Understand your qualifications, needs, and preferences;

• Verify your qualifications and background;

• Allow us to communicate to you about work opportunities that we believe may meet your career satisfaction goals or put you in touch with other opportunities, such as training;

• Match your qualifications to corporate customer opportunities and fulfill their requests for information about job candidates;

• Assess and develop our business and operations so that we may better service job seekers and our corporate customers; and,

• Provide payroll and other HR functions to you, for temporary staffing arrangements.

If you are a corporate customer, Bluebix may use your information to:

• Understand and verify your needs;

• Assist you in making a request for job candidates or to complete a transaction;

• Communicate with you about our services and potential candidates;

• Provide support in connection with our services;

• Bill you for our services and verify related commercial matters; and

• Update you on new services and other information about the industry that we believe may be of interest to you.

Bluebix gives you the opportunity to choose and change the privacy preferences we use to communicate with you. If you wish to change these communication preferences, please contact us through the appropriate online portal or directly as set out below.

3. How we share your information

Bluebix does not sell or lease your personal information to others and your information is only shared with others in accordance with this Statement.

As a job seeker you rely on Bluebix to match your information with potential opportunities, so we only share your personal information with corporate customers when we feel there is a potential opportunity that fits your skills. We seek your consent before sharing your information and then only provide the information we believe is needed to allow a corporate customer to make an informed decision regarding you as a job candidate.

Bluebix uses third party service providers to deliver some of its services. We share with these service providers only that information which is required for them to perform their services, and each service provider is required by contract to keep confidential and secure the information we send them.

As a requirement of providing our services, Bluebix will store and process your personal information in Canada or in the US, using third-party service providers in accordance with this Statement. Any personal information stored or processed will be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.

We may also share your information with our affiliates if and when we believe it is necessary to support our services, and only where they agree to protect it in the manner set out in this Statement. Except as set out in this Statement, Bluebix will not share your personal information with other third parties without your consent, unless required by law or a duly authorised legal process, such as a court order.

4. Retention and security of personal information

Bluebix retains your information only as long as required for the purposes it was collected. For job seekers that would be for as long as you are seeking placement and wish to remain on our systems or as long as legally required by statute or contract.

We maintain the security of your personal information through access control, logical security (security of applications, hardware, and data), and physical security of our facilities. In addition, we strive to keep your personal information accurate through processes and policies that help maintain the accuracy of recorded information.

5. Access to your information and accuracy

Bluebix provides you with reasonable access to the personal information you provide to us. We will provide you with the opportunity to update or correct that information, provided that you can verify your identity to us through the use of user IDs, passwords and/or applicable security questions.

Bluebix strives to maintain accurate records, but this cannot be achieved without your help, so we ask you to provide us with your most up to date information. To view and change the personal information that you provide to us you can either contact the Bluebix person you normally deal with or, where the capability exists, return to the applicable website and follow the instructions.

6. Changes to this Policy and how to contact us

Bluebix may change this Statement from time-to-time in response to changes in the law or changes in how it provides its services. If we change this Statement we will post the revised statement on this site, along with the effective date of the change and a 30-day notice of the change on our main site, provided that, if the change is material we may also provide alternative notice, such as by posting the changes on our home page or by contacting you by e-mail.

Bluebix takes its responsibility for the management and confidentiality of the personal information it collects seriously. If you have any concerns about this Statement, or believe that Bluebix is not abiding by it, please contact our Company Privacy Officer at: